Ü Athens

Project: transformation

Type: interior

Location: Kaisariani, Athens, Greece

Size: 37m2

Status: completed

Design: KARN studio / Karagianni Nancy

3d modeling: Lazaridis Dimitris

Identity: Xistris George

Photography: Bessawissa studio / Palaskos Thanos

Ü Athens is an all-day café/bar, located in the center of Athens, at Kaisariani region. The Ü shape, logo of the store, derives from the quote “na hamogelas” which in Greek means “to smile” and reflects the store’s philosophy. The welcoming quote on the entrance of the store is loud and clear.

Main focus of the space is the minimalist side of forged cement. Colours, textures and materials are inspired by this idea, updated with contemporary details. Tiles create a strip that traverses the space and lines from led lights create an ambient atmosphere, day and night. As all the details matter, focal points are visible, like for example the electrical and ventilation network, that maintain the industrial character of the internal space. The store can be entered either from the main entrance, either from the side entrance that has four folding doors. At the main entrance, a big window with a bench creates a vivid façade. Simple, playful and versatile stools made of recycled plastic, custom made tables and benches made of inox and brass, create a welcoming seating area. Branding details such as the movable led signage and the iridescent sticker at the entrance door are subtle highlights amongst the cement surfaces.

Together the elements glow from within an elegantly restored architecture that evokes the atmosphere of a contemporary all-day space.

Don’t forget to smile!