nancy karagianni.

dipl. architect engineer M.Arch Uth/designer

Experienced architect and interior designer with a demonstrated history of working in the design industry. A person who plans, makes the effort an works around obstacles in order to reach the goals.

Strong arts & design professional holding a Master’s degree in Advanced Architectural Design from the University of Thessaly, and also a Diploma in Interior Architecture and Design from the Technological Educational Institute of Athens. Studying and practicing architecture for the past 7 years, at the University of Thessaly.

Follows a critical research on the efficiency of the organization of free space in the cities and the self- construction; the investigation of its materiality. The alternative ways of space appropriation and the exploration of the issue of identity and the conventions that define it within a complex network of powers and interests.

the studio/

KARN is located in palaio faliro, athens, greece since 2022. close to the coastline. where you can clean your mind, take a deep breath and start every process from point zero. where, impossible dreams come true and beautiful things happen. all of our designs are maximally flexible, circular and future-oriented. life is the inspiration for the space in which future users live, learn and work. we elevate everyday life and take seriously under consideration functionality. projects range from eye-catching houses to playful public spaces, all of which is underpinned by detailed research. our approach is based on one important principle: make it simple and make it happen. we strive to create beauty and elegance out of simplicity, without being trendy. we are always interested in new challenges.

Thanos Palaskos.


A professional engineer with a creative athirst soul.  

States minimal since 2009. 
Areas of interest: black&white/colour documentary and architectural captures with a clear shape touch. His work reflects a less-but-better attitude influenced by Dieter Rams‘ “Weniger aber besser“ motto.

Dimitris Lazaridis.

architect engineer/3D artist

Dimitris Lazaridis was born in Thessaloniki in 1993. He began his studies at Dept. of Product System Design Engineering for 2 years, and later studied at the Dept. of Architecture in University of Thessaly. During his master’s, he worked at the Digital Fabrication Laboratory of the University of Thessaly and participated in various Construction workshops. He advanced in 3D Design and Visualization, Construction Detailing, converging in detail and feasibility. He collaborated with several architectural studios, and since 2021 he is a member of  Make Creative Spaces, based in Thessaloniki. Simultaneously, he’s teaming up with KARN studio, as an architect engineer.

Vangelis Agatsas

Dipl. Architect Engineer, MArch. UTh

Born and raised in Athens, Greece, since 1994 he discovers every day something new. Curious, impatient and extrovert are characteristics that keep a mind always busy. Growing up wandering around Athens and Greece, exploring their hidden spots and peculiarities, he fell in love with the unexpected and took the greatest lesson: searching the authentic and unprecedented, looking behind the glass of ephemeral observation.

In-between architecture, theory, music and science, he seeks for the origin will explain another part of life and will be the next subject of discussion. Completed studies in University of Thessaly, Department of Architecture Engineering, his journey is always about the meaning in designing. Alongside, his eternal concern about music and theater, led him to watch and be part of several amateur and professional productions, giving him new perspectives and fresh stories to tell.

Being part of several projects and architectural teams for the last seven years, he took part in many and different projects in various scales, from conceptual thinking to detailing design and construction.


Planning tomorrow by regaining yesterday and living the present – question every fact, visualize new dynamics, aim for the best. 


“Beyond the fiction of reality there is the reality of fiction.” Zizek Slavoj