KARN studio

Project: transformation

Type: interior

Location: Palaio Faliro, Athens, Greece

Size: 48m2

Status: completed

Design: KARN studio / Karagianni Nancy

3d modeling: Lazaridis Dimitris

Photography: Bessawissa studio / Palaskos Thanos

An old betting shop at Palaio Faliro was transformed to an office for architecture practices. White surfaces, white tiles with bold grout, naturally colored plywood, terrazzo tiles and yellow vinyl floor, compose KARN’s new office studio carefully designed as an open floor plan interior that can easily be transformed; filled with natural light and flexibility to adaptations, so as to welcome more people who can easily interact/collaborate.

By the use of plants, adjusted on the interior of the new façade, the office has a totally different view during the day and during the night.

The pvc/transparent curtain enhances the separation of the space that -already-takes place with the use of two different materials and colors on the floor; to separate the working space area from the supplementary uses (kitchenette + wc). At the back of the office, the small kitchen is entirely made with a wooden volume of plywood in its natural texture.

The light that enters from the façade, but, also, from a small window on the back, contributes as a conceptual element, beyond the ambiance and wellbeing values.